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Related Bible reading(s): Mark 10.17-31

Go with God

Consider together what you have explored, what that means for you and how you will live your faith this week

All age act of worship Session
  • Jesus’ words challenge us about things that get in the way of our relationship with God. Invite people to reflect on both the challenges and the suggestions that have emerged from today’s worship, and quietly to offer their thoughts to God in prayer.

  • Invite them to write or draw on their origami hearts (see Make a wise heart) something that will remind them of these thoughts in the days to come – something that will encourage them to work on having a wise heart.

  • Remind everyone that God loves us all as we are, and that we are all still and always will be ‘work in progress’. Then sing together ‘Take my life and let be consecrated, Lord, to thee’. W E S


Go with God 24/7

Encourage everyone to put their faith into action

Encourage everyone to put their faith into action. Choose something that you have that is important and precious to you, e.g. your car, time, baking equipment (any tools!), musical instrument. During the week, do or think or make something with your item that you can share with someone else – for example, offer a lift, give some time, bake a cake, share some music.  W E S A


Give out the ROOTS at home resource to encourage faith at home.


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