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Youth group resources

Fresh, flexible ideas for every week of the year

Each week, ROOTS Young People resources help you to put together a truly creative, engaging and thought-provoking session for young people.

Young people explore the same passages as the adults - making it easier for families to share what they have learned, and to grow in faith together.


What's in the young people resources?

  • Each week, we recommend that you start with the imaginative approaches to presenting the Bible reading in the Bible section.
  • Then you can choose any combination of activities from Connect, Explore and Pray - depending on what suits your group best.


  • Activities to help young people connect faith with today's world.
  • This section includes a link to PostScript - published each Thursday, PostScript links the Gospel reading to the news headlines, and specifically includes discussion questions that you can use with young people. See the latest PostScript on our homepage.


  • Fun, interactive ideas that help young people explore the passage more deeply.
  • This includes Picture pointers: giving young people the chance to discuss, or reflect on, an image - such as a striking artwork or a thought-provoking photograph.


  • Creative ways to reflect and pray.
  • The resources often include a choice of prayer activities: some may be more reflective; others more active. This gives you the flexibility to select prayer activities to suit your group - and could also inspire you to try something new!


In addition, we offer:

  • Listen - ideas of contemporary music tracks: they may be tracks that you own already, or you could pay to download them from a music site or app.
  • An idea to help young people live in faith throughout the coming week.

See a sample of the Young People resources


And there's more! Everyone who subscribes to ROOTS Children & Young People can see everything we have to offer for children - not just the resources for young people. This opens up to you a wide range of further materials such as craft activities, song ideas, and specially-written prayers.

See a sample of the Explore & respond activities for children

See a sample prayer for children

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