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What people say

ROOTS is used by leaders of worship across the UK and the world. Here is some feedback from our subscribers!


Truly intergenerational

'Help is available from you in an otherwise very daunting task - spreading the gospel to young and old alike!'
Phoebe Nattrass


'Easy to use, clearly presented material, good historical and factual information. A good source of material for all-age talks and sermons.'
Janet Stean, Reader, Abbots Morton parish



Supporting teams in planning intergenerational worship

‘ROOTS has helped us as a lay team to put all age services together and gain confidence in doing so. We use it as a base resource.’
Margaret Cale, all-age worship leader, Anglican Pastoral District of South Vales, Church of Australia


‘A good mix of notes on the readings, creative ideas, prayers and song choices - a one stop shop that might start the ball rolling or spark creative ideas. Also it's useful to share with those choosing the songs, preparing the projection slides and those leading home group studies, so that a range of people can easily be led to the material and theme for the week.   It's good that children and adults are studying the same things.’
Anita Dobson, Discipleship co-ordinator and lay worship leader, Christ Church Downend



Local arrangement services

‘As a worship leader who has to plan Local arrangement services it provides me with ideas and excellent prayers, also comments on the Bible readings and activities to do during the service.’
Ann Thorley, Methodist worship leader



Source of fresh ideas

‘It's fresh and constantly renewed and gives me the confidence to put an interesting service together which will stay with people longer than the drive home from church!’
Diana Barker, Reader in Great Ashfield



Based on the lectionary

'We use it because it is lectionary-based and helps us blend all-age material for the beginning of our service with the Biblical content used by our Local Preachers.'
Jane Smith, Methodist worship leader












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