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Present the Bible in fresh ways

One of ROOTS' aims is to help build up people's biblical literacy - so that everyone, young and old, can appreciate the 'big story' of the Bible, and how it speaks into our lives today.

Here are some ways you can use ROOTS to engage your listeners and deepen their understanding of the Bible.


Covid-19 update: helping people to understand how the Bible speaks into our lives today has (arguably) never been more timely. As churches and groups explore new ways of gathering, we'll continue to help all ages see the relevance of the Bible to today's world.

Scene setting

To help the listener (in AAA resources) gives 2-3 sentences of introduction before the passage is read. This might

  • explain the context in which the passage was written
  • encourage people to listen out for something in particular
  • help people understand how the day's lectionary readings tie together. 

View sample: 'To help the listener'


Grabbing your listeners' attention

Varied, innovative ways of presenting the Bible passages draw your audience in and immerse them in the readings. Ideas can include:

  • posing thought-provoking questions before sharing the passages
  • audience participation (e.g. mime, adding sound effects)
  • dramatisations of the readings - with scripts provided on the ROOTS website
  • displaying images, or playing soft music, while you read.

For children's groups, we offer two different storytelling ideas each week - simply choose the one that works best for your group.

View ideas for one week



Familiarising children with biblical language 

Each week, we offer a retelling of the Bible passage that stays as close as possible to the NRSV text. Rather than rephrasing key Bible terms such as 'Messiah' or 'Son of Man', we provide a glossary - building up children's biblical vocabulary.

View: Bible story with glossary


Making links to our lives today

Every week we offer questions for children and for young people - helping to get them talking about the Bible and making connections with their own lives.

View: Talk together questions for children

View: Discussion questions for young people



Inspiring very young children with the Bible 

Every week, even the youngest members of your church community can engage with the passage. Using a range of storytelling techniques (e.g. actions, puppets, story bags) we offer a toddlers' version of the reading.

View: the Very Young Children resources for one week



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