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Inspire your planning and preparation

ROOTS resources are not only extremely flexible - they're also grounded in practical experience. So when it comes to planning a service or session, you know you can rely on ROOTS.

  • If you're just starting out - or simply lack time - you can use the ideas as they stand. 
  • Or you might use them to kick-start your own thoughts.
  • Many of our subscribers do something in between: pick some of the ideas in ROOTS, and add a sprinkling of their own.



Here's how you could use ROOTS resources to prepare and plan.

Covid-19 update: ROOTS resources have always been highly adaptable, making it possible for churches to use them in many different ways. Now, as church communities explore new and changing ways of gathering, we'll be offering inspiring and practical ideas for both socially-distanced and online gatherings.

During this time, your gathering may look slightly different - but these broad principles remain the same.


1. Start with the Bible passages

Introductory articles set the passage(s) in context...

See an example


...then take a look at the Bible notes, to get you thinking about the Bible reading(s) you'll be exploring.

See an example



2. Pick and choose from the week's resources

(Tip: if you're leading an adult Bible study or a toddler group, you might prefer to use our ready-made sessions. Find out more)


You could think of the weekly resources as a 'menu' of ideas. We suggest you choose at least one option from each 'course' to take you through your time of worship or learning.


For all contexts (e.g. services, children's groups, cafe church)
except youth groups

Start with Gather - ideas to start your time together - and end with Send out - practical ways to live out faith during the week.

If you're planning one element (e.g. a sermon or talk, craft activities, or prayers) just go straight to that resource. This menu is the same every week - helping teams to plan collaboratively, and giving consistency if you're on a rota.

See a sample week now


If you're leading a youth group

A dedicated Young People page helps you to put together a thought-provoking and fun youth session. 

Begin with an idea from the Bible section, then pick and choose from the other sections.

Young People subscribers also gain full access to the children's resources - so you can draw on those too, if you wish.

View a sample Young People page




3. Incorporate prayers and music

 Once you've got an outline plan, you can intersperse it with prayers and music.




  • Specially written for each week's resources.
  • Use the text as it stands, or adapt it as you wish.

View a week's selection of prayers



  • Traditional hymns and modern songs, linked to the Bible reading(s).
  • The Young People resources include a list of contemporary worship tracks to listen to.

View a week's selection of music ideas



Covid-19 update: ROOTS offers a wide range of ways to use music creatively - even when it's not possible to sing.


Find out more




Ready-made session plans

Covid-19 update: although gatherings such as Bible studies and toddler groups may not be happening exactly as before, we'll be supporting you with flexible resources to help you navigate this 'new normal'.

Adult Bible study groups 

We've pulled together some of the Adult & All Age weekly resources for you to use in a Bible study.
  • Confidence-boosting for less experienced leaders
  • A solid starting-point for leaders with more time or experience - tweak as you wish.
View a sample Bible study




Toddler groups

We offer a ready-made toddler group session each week: featuring rhyme, storytelling, music and movement, prayer activities, craft and play.

This enables even the youngest children to explore the Bible reading, alongside the rest of the church community.

View a sample toddler group session


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