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Children's group resources

Fresh ideas, inspiration and practical resources for every single week of the year

Written by experienced practitioners, ROOTS Children & Young People helps you to nurture children in their faith, build up their knowledge of the Bible – and provide opportunities for them to connect with God.

Whether your children's groups meet on a Sunday morning, during the week - or both - ROOTS helps you to plan and prepare a session to suit you and your group.


Practical resources - from the start of your session, to the finish

Gather ideas engage the children as soon as they arrive, helping them to settle and to come together as a community. Then our practical ideas help you to:

  • Open the Word with children and link the Bible reading to their lives
  • encourage children to Explore & respond to the reading in fresh and varied ways
  • Send Out the children with ideas to help them grow in faith during the week.

Each week, the resources focus on the Gospel reading from the Revised Common Lectionary.  It's the same Bible reading as in the Adult & All Age resources - making it easier for families to share what they have learned, and to grow in faith together.

See a sample week


Helping you build up children's knowledge of the Bible

  • Bible notes give you the biblical context of the week's Bible reading, and encourage your own reading and reflection

  • The retelling of the Bible story draws out the distinctive voices of the original writers, by staying as close as possible to the Bible text

  • A glossary helps to explain key words and phrases, enabling children to become familiar with Biblical language

  • Specially-written prayers help children to develop a sense of the language of prayer.

See a sample week


Linking the Bible to children's lives

  • Talk together questions help you to spark discussion and link the story to children's lives

  • Ideas to Do, Make and Pray often support children in thinking through issues relevant to their lives that are raised by the passage

  • You can send children out with a practical suggestion to help them Live in faith all through the coming week - and see how the Gospel links to their everyday lives.

See a sample week


Helping children connect with God

  • ROOTS materials draw on the research of David Csinos, a Canadian practitioner and author of Beyond One-Size-Fits-All: Approaches To Nurturing Children’s Spirituality (2011).

  • In his research with children, David identified four distinct ways in which people make connections with God. ROOTS offers a range of activities designed to appeal to and engage these ‘spiritual styles’. Read an introductory article about spiritual styles

  • Every week, the mix of activities on offer in ROOTS is designed to appeal to a variety of spiritual styles. Offering a mix of activities helps you to engage everyone - and enables them to connect with God.


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Not just for Sunday – but all week long, too

Many of the resources can be used throughout the week as well as on Sunday – enabling ROOTS to support you all week long. Here are just a few ways in which you can use ROOTS all through the week:

  • activity ideas – why not try some of them in your after-school clubs?
  • prayers – use as part of a school assembly 
  • the material for very young children is ideal for a ‘parents and tots’ group.

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