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Toddler group materials

Flexible resources primarily aimed at the under 5s

'Very early experiences are fundamental to our development as human beings. This is the case in faith development as in all other areas of life. So it’s important that the church makes good provision for babies and toddlers, in the same way that it makes provision for other members of the community.'

Victoria Goodman
ROOTS' early years specialist

Every single week in ROOTS, we offer ready-made session full of ideas to use with Very Young Children. You can use these resources during all-age worship, in a church creche, children's groups, or in a midweek toddler group - or even all of them!

These materials are primarily aimed at Under 5s and are designed to be very flexible.

Very Young Children materials explore the same Bible passage as the other ROOTS materials for the week. Toddlers, older children and adults can all explore the Scriptures together, even when they're in their own groups.



Story is the starting-point for each week's resources.

In ROOTS resources we use a range of storytelling techniques to give variety and engage different learning styles. There are four main story types:

  • Story with actions - using mime and repetition to convey key concepts.
  • Story scene - laying out a story cloth and placing figures, symbolic objects or pictures to illustrate different events or themes in the story.
  • Story bags - using a collection of objects to tell the story.
  • Story with puppets - either held by the adult, or with puppets given to the children and used to explore the emotions and actions of the scene.




Play activities

Small children learn through play.

Our play activities enable children to explore the story, and can provide the opportunity to grapple with issues that are personal to the child.


Creative activities

Giving children an opportunity for freedom of expression - rather than making a uniform end product.



Music, movement and song

An opportunity to worship through music and movement: we offer ideas for music, and list song ideas online.




Prayers can include interaction, symbols, rituals, words and individual responses.




View all our Very Young Children resources for one week



Who writes the materials?

Victoria Goodman is a former teacher who works part-time as a Children and Young Families’ Minister at an Anglican church in Cambridge. She also leads Godly Play sessions in local schools. She writes the resources for very young children for ROOTS and with two colleagues she runs the Spiritual Child Network website.





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