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Subscription packages

ROOTS offers two sets of resources: Adult & All Age, and Children & Youth.

You can subscribe to one set of resources, or both.


Which package would suit you?


Single-user subscription (UK)

Ideal if you use ROOTS for your personal reference, and don't need to share resources with others.

View single-user packages



Sharing subscription (UK)

  • Enables you to share ROOTS resources with others in your worshipping community.
  • We offer a range of package sizes based on the total number of users.

View sharing subscription packages


International subscription

  • Subscribers outside the UK can take out a digital subscription.
  • Access the resources online at the same time as UK subscribers - no need to wait for the post!

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Training subscription

Please telephone our subscriptions department on 01603 785910 if you want to purchase these.



UK subscription packages
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Single-user subscription packages
For your personal use

  • Choose a print + digital subscription, or digital-only.
  • If you subscribe to both sets of resources, you'll have online access to all ROOTS resources. If you subscribe to one set, you'll only be able to access the online resources relevant to your subscription.





Sharing subscription packages
Enabling people in different roles within church communities and organisations to share the resources

  • All sharing subscriptions are print + digital.
  • Choose a mix of Adult & All Age and Children & Youth magazines to suit your needs. 
  • You can also register a number of users on the ROOTS website.
  • Tip: if you would like web users to have access to both sets of resources, please make sure you order at least one of each magazine.


For larger orders, please contact us with a phone number so that we can call you to discuss your requirements.


Not sure which sharing subscription is right for you? See some examples

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