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Subscription packages

ROOTS offers two sets of resources: Adult & All Age and Children & Young People. You can subscribe to one set of resources, or both.

We offer a range of subscription packages, enabling you to choose the package that best suits your situation.


Single-user subscription packages

A single-user subscription is ideal if you use ROOTS for your personal reference and don't need to share resources with others.

Sharing subscription packages

Sharing subscriptions are for all situations when the resources are shared. These packages enable people in a range of different roles to use the ROOTS resources.

Training subscriptions

Please telephone our subscriptions department on 0845 680 5317 or 01603 785910 if you wish to purchase these.

International subscriptions


Single-user subscription packages

A single-user subscription is solely for your personal use.

With a single-user subscription, you can:

  • receive one or both magazines.

  • log into the website using your own email address as your username.


Formats available

You can choose between:

  • Print + digital - receive the magazines, plus access to the ROOTS website.

  • Digital only - access to the ROOTS resources via the website only.

The price is the same, whichever format you choose.


Single-user subscriptions: UK prices, 2018-19
For subscriptions starting from Sept/Oct 2018

Please note: with a single-user subscription you may not share your username or password. We will monitor IP addresses and may contact you if we think your login is being used by other people.


Sharing subscription packages

To enable church communities and organisations to share ROOTS resources, we also offer sharing subscription packages.

With a sharing subscription, you can:

  • receive a mix of Adult & All Age and Children & Young People magazines to suit your needs.

  • register a number of user accounts on the ROOTS website. It's up to you who gets the magazine, and who gets access to the website.
Please note: if you would like your web users to access both sets of resources, please include at least one copy of each magazine in your order. For example, if you only receive Adult & All Age magazines, your web users will only have access to the Adult & All Age online resources.

Sharing subscriptions: UK prices, 2018-19
For subscriptions starting from Sept/Oct 2018

For larger orders, please email us with a phone number for us to contact you to discuss your requirements.


Not sure which sharing subscription is right for you? See some examples


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