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Related Bible reading(s): Mark 10.17-31

Drama: Jump the hurdles

Four people compete in the Eye of the needle hurdle race 


A drama for 7 people 

You will need: four runners:
1. Indigo Influencer holds a phone;
2. Amy Amigo;
3. Stevie Stuff-grabber has arms full of ‘stuff’, e.g. shopping bags/bulky items;
4. Bob has no props;
The race commentator
Amy’s two friends who are holding onto her arms

The four runners line up, as though on a starting line: the first and third runners holding their props, and the second holding the hands of two friends.  

Commentator: Ladies and gentlemen, here we have the competitors for the ‘Eye of the needle’ hurdle race, without a doubt, one of the toughest competitions here today. So, let’s take a look at our runners. In lane one, we are lucky enough to be joined today by social media sensation Indigo Influencer! Welcome to the race, Indigo! 

Indigo Influencer: (holds up a phone, mimes turning back to the audience to take a selfie) Thanks so much, it’s great to be here today! Group together everyone, selfie! 

Commentator: Well I guess it’s good to have some crowd participation! In the second lane, we have Amy Amigo, who appears to be joined by some friends today. Er…this isn’t a relay, Amy! 

Amy Amigo: Oh, I know, but I can’t do anything without my two best buddies! They go everywhere with me and what they think really matters to me. I ask them what they think I should do, all the time, I couldn’t possibly run this race without them! 

Commentator: I see, I think... Well in the third lane, we have Stevie Stuff-grabber. Well, I think we do, I can’t quite see him under all that stuff! Is that you, Stevie? 

Stevie Stuff-grabber: (struggling with all the things he is holding) Er…yes, it’s me, I’m here! 

Commentator: You do know this isn’t an obstacle course, Stevie? 

Stevie Stuff-grabber: Oh yes, I know. I just really NEED all this stuff, it’s all so precious to me! Look, I have my games console, my new jacket, the latest iPhone and all these books and DVDs. 

Commentator: Right, er…good luck with that! And finally, here in the inside lane, we have Bob, who seems to have nothing and nobody with him, how refreshing! 

Bob: (waves to the crowd and does a few stretches or jumps as though warming up) I’m ready to go! 

Commentator: Right everybody, quiet in the stalls as we’re under starter’s orders…and they’re off! 

All runners run on the spot, facing the audience, and mime tripping over the hurdles at the appropriate moments. 

Commentator: Here we go along the first leg of this race and as they approach the first hurdle, Stevie appears to have fallen straight away, I guess all that stuff stopped him from seeing his way – man down!  

Stevie Stuff-grabber mimes dropping all his bags and tripping at the first hurdle before sitting down with all his stuff on top of him.  

Bob appears to be edging ahead, but what’s going on with Amy? It seems her and her friends are not in agreement over the direction they should be going in. I’m not sure she’s even going to make it to the second hurdle.  

Amy Amigo mimes with her two friends, as each one pulls on her arms to try and make her go in the opposite direction.  

Indigo Influencer seems to be doing well but – wait a minute – I think they’re stopping for a selfie! Slow progress there, then.  

Indigo Influencer mimes stopping to take a selfie and taking a while to adjust their appearance.  

Meanwhile, Bob is making good time and Amy Amigo and her friends have finally reached the third hurdle, but what’s that? They seem to be tangled in the hurdle! She is out of the race and we’re down to two competitors. 

Amy Amigo mimes being continually pulled on the arms by her two friends, until they all fall down.  

Bob is in the lead, Indigo Influencer still seems more concerned with what’s on the screen than what’s in front and…well oops! That looked painful!  

Indigo Influencer mimes still trying to take a selfie before walking into the hurdle and being knocked down.  

Now it’s all eyes on Bob: Bob has both his eyes firmly on the course ahead of him and the finishing line, any second now…he has crossed the line, well done, Bob! We have a winner! Well done, Bob, you’ve successfully completed the ‘Eye of the needle’ hurdle race! 

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