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Related Bible reading(s): Matthew 13.31-33,44-52


Activities marked with an asterisk  next to the activity title are in addition to the resources in the Ready-to-go sessions. Suggested timings for these activities are also shown. NB The inclusion of additional activities varies from week to week.



Childrens Session
Very young childrens Session

 Gathering song

Sing to the tune: If you’re happy and you know it

If you’re waiting and you’re trusting, clap your hands.
If you’re waiting and you’re trusting, clap your hands.
If you’re waiting and you’re hoping and you’re trusting,
God will answer,
if you’re waiting and you’re trusting, clap your hands.
(Repeat with ‘nod your head’, ‘stamp your feet’)


Treasure hunt 10 mins  E

You will need: prizes such as chocolate coins or plastic gems.

  • Before the session, hide a large quantity of ‘treasures’ around the venue. Explain the rules of play and challenge the children to set off and find the treasure!


Childrens Session

Storytelling circle W E

  • Gather the children together in a circle, facing inwards.
  • Explain that everyone will take turns to say one word and create a story together. Appoint a child to start the story. If the story collapses, you can restart with a new first word. Explain that Jesus told surprising stories.



Young people Session

Time to grow 15 mins S A

You will need: toilet roll tubes, compost, packet of red radish seeds, masking tape.

  • Each person seals one end of a toilet roll tube with masking tape and fills it with compost. Plant two or three radish seeds 1cm below the surface. Water sparingly. How can they be sure something will grow? Ask them to guess how many days it will take to see a seedling. Write it on their tube, keep it damp at home and wait.


First impressions

You could also use the image and following questions to help introduce the theme.

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  • How does it feel to be waiting and trusting?
  • What everyday examples might you use to describe the kingdom of heaven?
  • What is your part in making it a reality?


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