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1 Kings 3.5-12; Psalm 119.129-136; Romans 8.26-39; Matthew 13.31-33,44-52

Very young children's session

Jesus tells parables that seek to convey what the kingdom of heaven is ‘like’ or ‘similar to’. Some are about the way it grows and spreads; others stress its value compared to anything else in life.

This week we explore waiting and trusting.

Very young children's Session

Provide the following play materials for very young children throughout the session: sorting toys.

Very young childrens Session

 Gathering song

Sing to the tune: If you’re happy and you know it

If you’re waiting and you’re trusting, clap your hands.
If you’re waiting and you’re trusting, clap your hands.
If you’re waiting and you’re hoping and you’re trusting,
God will answer,
if you’re waiting and you’re trusting, clap your hands.
(Repeat with ‘nod your head’, ‘stamp your feet’)


Treasure hunt 10 mins  E

You will need: prizes such as chocolate coins or plastic gems.

  • Before the session, hide a large quantity of ‘treasures’ around the venue. Explain the rules of play and challenge the children to set off and find the treasure!

Share the Word
Very young childrens Session

Lay out five cloth circles and place play objects or felt shapes
(in italics below) to tell the story.

Jesus told five short stories:
The kingdom of God is like a tiny seed that grows into a mighty tree
where many birds make their home.
The kingdom of God is like yeast that a woman kneads into a huge
bowl of flour until it causes the dough to rise.
The kingdom of God is like treasure hidden in a field. When a
man finds it, he sells everything he has to buy the field and own
the treasure.
The kingdom of God is like a precious pearl. When a trader
finds it, he sells everything he has so that he can buy the one
precious pearl.
The kingdom of God is like a fishing net. It catches all the fish.
At the end of the day, the fishermen sort the fish, the good from
the bad, just as will happen to people at the end of time.

Explore and respond
Very young childrens Session

Picture hunt

Play and explore waiting and trusting

Set up a treasure hunt around your space with picture clues relating to the Bible story, along with a prize to share.


Precious parables

Make a symbol of heaven

Use play dough to create precious pearls and jewels.
Talk about what heaven might be like as you do so.

Very young childrens Session
Very young childrens Session

0-5s song(s)

King of Love, Doug Horley on Duggie Dug Dug's Top 50 Awesome Action Songs CD

Very young childrens Session

Treasure chests E S

Create a reminder of Jesus’ parable of the hidden treasure

You will need: basic card or wooden treasure box forms (or empty shoeboxes), assorted materials to decorate with.

  • Provide a treasure box for the children to paint and decorate as they wish, sticking on sequins and gems, for instance. If you prefer, you could work together to create a large cardboard box treasure chest for display.
  • Talk about the precious things you can keep in your chests, and the treasures in God’s kingdom.


Very young childrens Session
Childrens Session

Activity sheet

Go with God
Very young childrens Session


To the tune: Jesus’ hands were kind hands,
doing good to all

Jesus tells us stories, guiding us to live.
Parables are stories, teaching us to give.
Help me be like Jesus, till I’m loving too.
Jesus tell us stories, till I’m kind like you.

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