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Related Bible reading(s): Luke 24.13-35

Share it out loud

A drama for three people based on the road to Emmaus story.

Set the scene for today’s passage with a bit of information. For instance: “This story appears just after Jesus’ death and resurrection, but before everyone knew that he was alive again.” See also Present the reading and talk together.

Read the story first, and then ask for volunteers who are confident readers to play the three parts and act it out (see script below).


Disciple one: I’m not saying I don’t believe the stories, but I don’t see how Jesus could just ‘come back to life’? It seems impossible!

Disciple two: They do say, they are 100% sure they saw Jesus!

Disciple one: They do seem very convincing, but I’m not sure. I just want to see him again.

Disciple two: Me too.

(Sad silence. Jesus enters)

Jesus: You both seem a little sad. Is everything ok?

Disciple one: We are a little sad. We were just talking about our friend Jesus.

Jesus: Who? Jesus? Um, I’m not sure who you mean…

Disciple one: How have you not heard about Jesus? Everyone is talking about him, the miracle maker!

Disciple two: He was amazing! He healed people, fed people and, most importantly, he seemed to love everyone.

Jesus: But why are you sad?

Disciple one: Well, they actually sent him to die, for no reason.

Disciple two: Some friends went three days later to the tomb where they buried him, and an angel told them he wasn’t there and that he’d come back to life.

Jesus: That sounds like good news?

Disciple one: If it was true, then it would be– but we can’t be sure, we haven’t seen him.

Jesus: But the Bible did say this would happen. It is all part of the great plan.

Disciple two: The plan? Tell us more.

Jesus: Why don’t I explain it to you as we head to Emmaus? There is a lot of ground to cover.

(The disciples and Jesus walk and talk and finally get to Emmaus)

Disciple one: Ah, home at last.

Disciple two: This can’t be the end already. Would you come and share more with us over some dinner?

Jesus: Of course. I love to eat and chat with friends.

(They sit around a table and Jesus picks up the bread and breaks it)

Jesus: Father, thank you for this bread.

(Suddenly the disciples recognise Jesus)

Disciple one: WHAT!?! Jesus! How did we not recognise you?

Disciple two: It is you. It is all true. You have come back to life!

Jesus: (laughing) You are right, I am back. Now go and tell everyone the good news…Jesus is alive.

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