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Related Bible reading(s): Luke 24.13-35

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This week's resources are freely available for all. A selection for adults is shown below.


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Redeeming God, gather us in,
whether we are feeling happy or confused,
whether we are bouncing with delight or battling tiredness.
Inspire our minds, reignite the fire in our hearts,
restore our hopes as we come together today.


A prayer of confession

God, we come to you,
knowing too well our failures, our omissions, our sins.
We take a moment to bring these things to mind...

God, we give these things to you:
our dreary bits, our lostness,
the darkness that we try to hide...

We release them,
and ask for your forgiveness for all that is wrong within us.
We recognise the redeeming actions of Christ,
who removes our sins from us;
we thank you...

May we journey on without burden or guilt,
knowing you forgive us and provide us with a fresh start.


PostScript - The big story


This week's Live your faith sheet

(Bible notes, prayers, a picture and questions for reflection, a live your faith action)


Picture it

What do you look forward to at the end of a journey?

Do an internet search for paintings of the encounter on the Emmaus road. How has the artist represented the story? How are light and shade used? How are the people depicted in relation to each other? Which picture speaks to you most strongly? Why?

Now picture yourself on a journey - walking, cycling, in a car, on a bus, or in a train - and imagine what you would look forward to at the end of it: a splendid view, the seaside, family members you haven’t seen recently.

As you picture it, pray along your journey, to meet God, just as you hope to find the view, the sea, the family, at the end of your travelling.


From recognition to belief

Thanks God for those who serve you

John Wesley’s well-known response, ‘my heart was strangely warmed’, matches the reflection of the disciples in verse 32. They reflect on what they experienced and it is only then that they recognise this as something that brings about their conversion. Previously they had not believed stories of the resurrection, and were rebuked for their lack of faith (v.25).

The two disciples invite their unknown companion to share a meal, and probably a place to stay the night. It is this invitation that allows the miracle to happen. Christ stands at the door and knocks (Revelation 3.20). ‘Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by doing that some have entertained angels without knowing it.’ (Hebrews 13.2). 

At this time when we're isolating or keeping distance from others, how can we still recognise special moments shared with others? Take part in the 'Clap for our carers' at 8pm on Thursday evenings

You could also think about all the people who carry out tasks to keep your church community running smoothly. Who cleans the buildings, ensures there are towels and toilet paper, replaces broken light bulbs, tidies up outside, puts up posters, etc.? Name them and thank God for their service. 



Saviour, help me to recognise you this week,
to listen to you and to learn from you,
to respond to your promptings in my own life,
by the power of your Spirit.

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