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Acts 2.14a,36-41; Psalm 116.1-4,12-19; 1 Peter 1.17-23; Luke 24.13-35
Spiritual styles abbreviations and further information

Warm up            5 mins WE

Prepare sticky notes with the names of different famous people written on. Give one to each young person – making sure they don’t see what is written – and ask them to stick it to their forehead. Taking turns, using simple yes or no questions, each individual tries to guess whose name is on their sticky note. Trying to find out some of the story of the people by asking questions can be very important.

Sharing his story            10 Mins ES

Ask the young people to find a space where they can sit comfortably. Invite everyone to close their eyes and try to imagine they are walking along the road listening to Jesus telling his story. Encourage people to focus on imagining the atmosphere: the smells, the sounds, how they would feel. What would they ask? As the young people are in that quiet place and imagining that journey, read Luke 24.13-35 slowly to them.

Questions to discuss             

● Why do you think the people on the road may not have recognised Jesus?
● How do you think God reveals himself to people today?
● What experiences have helped you to learn more about Jesus’ story?

Storyteller            10 mins WE

Everyone has a story to tell, so let your group tell their story. Give each young person exactly one minute to tell you a story from their lives; remind the group to be respectful of each other. You could try to include rules such as no repetition or hesitation during the one minute.

"Insta" story            15 mins WE

Split the young people into small groups and ask the groups to create a 30-second Instagram story about today’s session and what they have learnt during it. Give everyone the chance to plan, rehearse and, if possible, record their story, or take photographs to illustrate their story on their mobile phones.

Preview songs on YouTube, buy online and download.

Red letters, Crowder on Red letters
Nailed to the cross (live), Rend collective on Standing on the edge (live) 
Psalm without words (live), Soul survivor & Momentum on The flood  

Too close            10 Mins EW

Sometimes we might find it difficult to see what is in front of us. 

Go to the Break Free Youth Ministry website and download the zip file which contains a powerpoint file with the pictures and an answer sheet template for each team. You can play the powerpoint straight from a laptop/tablet, or print off the relevant images if you don’t have access to a laptop or table during your session.

Comic strip story            15 mins WES

Create a simple eight-square grid on sheets of A4 paper (enough for one sheet per person), to make a comic strip. Ask the young people to try and retell today’s passage in a comic book style. You may wish to share these stories together.

  • When have you gathered round a fire (or similar) to tell/listen to stories?
  • If you were to tell your own story, where would you begin?
  • Where is Jesus is your story?

Prayer webs            10 Mins ES

Invite the group to stand in a circle and then to throw a ball of string round the circle (remembering to keep hold of the string), so that everyone is connected to someone else in the circle. Once everyone is connected, remind the young people that we are all part of each other’s story. Invite everyone to spend time praying for those they are connected to, either aloud or silently.

Silence            5 mins WE

In among all the busyness of sharing our stories, ask the young people to take just five minutes to sit and be still, and to thank God. Encourage everyone to invite God to be involved in their story, and ask that they don’t become too busy for him. 


Sum up each day this week with one word. At the end of the week, take time to reflect on the good and bad moments and share your story with God. W E S

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