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Related Bible reading(s): Luke 24.13-35

All-age introduction

A way to begin worship when all ages are present.

Who is it?

Prepare some pictures of a number of animals from the Lion King story.

Also prepare some small cards with clues about each item (e.g. Zazu the officious bird: says a lot; gets into trouble; is blue; has feathers; is a red-billed hornbill). Information is readily available online to do this.

Ask volunteers to hold up the pictures. Ask if anyone knows what or who each image is. Try to identify them by name (e.g. Simba the lion, Zazu the bird). Help the guessing along by using the descriptions you have prepared – one clue at a time. Try some clues before you show the picture.

Ask if people knew all the interesting facts about each image, commenting that you have discovered so much in preparing for today. It’s amazing how much more we can find out, not just about Disney characters, but about all sorts of things and people when we dig a bit deeper, or when we listen to people telling their story. Let’s see what or who we find out about today.

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