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Related Bible reading(s): Luke 24.13-35

Active worship

Activities based on Luke 24 13-35

A simple worship activity for all ages

In advance, ask two or three people to prepare a one-minute account of how they came to be or call themselves Christian. Ask individuals in turn to share this testimony with those present.

When each person finishes their story, light a candle at the front. When all the
testimonies have been given, say that we all have a story to tell, and invite everyone who wishes to, to come and light a candle to add to the few already lit (you could play quiet background music). Finally, pray together: Jesus, thank you that you walk alongside us and help us to know you. Thank you that we recognise you in one another. May your light shine in us and through us today and always. Amen.  W E S


Question box

Display a large sheet of paper on which is drawn a simple road. Invite people to write down questions they have about the Bible on sticky notes and to stick them on the road. The leader(s) can respond to these straight away, or take them away to inform future sermon topics, Bible studies, or invitations to visiting speakers. W E

Prayer bracelets

Make available different coloured beads, and lengths (about 20cm) of elastic string. Invite people to think about important events, people or places in their journey to faith, and to select a bead to represent each one. Then ask people to thread the beads onto the string, arranging them in the order in which they ‘happened’. Add two extra beads on the end, before tying the string to make a bracelet. Encourage people to use the bracelet to thank God for each part of their journey of faith. When they reach the penultimate bead, they should ask God to show them their next step. And with the last bead, encourage them to name before God someone they know, that they too might meet Jesus on their journey. W E S

Coffee time

If you usually have tea and coffee before or after the service, for a change have it during the service –  perhaps before the prayers or final hymn. Ask people to sit with someone they don’t know well, and share stories about themselves (e.g. where they grew up, how they first came to your church, when they first called themselves a Christian). Encourage people to take time with these stories and to really listen to one another. W E

Spiritual styles (as defined by David Csinos)
W Word E Emotion S Symbol A Action
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