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Related Bible reading(s): Acts 2.14a,22-32; 1 Peter 1.17-23; Luke 24.13-35

Bible notes

Acts 2. 14a,36-41 1 Peter 1.17-23 Luke 24.13-35

The gift of story is significant in the way the Scriptures have been written and shared. They began as a faithful retelling of stories from generation to generation: around a fire, walking along the road, and then written down for us to hold onto today.

Jesus begins to reframe the experience of the two disciples on the road by explaining God’s story, told through the Scriptures. It is as if this unknown teacher takes their isolated beads of knowledge and re-strings them into a different sequence, revealing a new pattern: God’s story.
We see within Scripture the imperative and the power of sharing God’s story.

As Jesus walked along the road, the disciples did not realise who he was until Jesus recited his own words, and their eyes were opened. There is power in God’s Word and the faithful proclamation of it, as in the Acts passage, where 3,000 came to believe, as God’s Word and his story were faithfully shared.

All these readings explore situations where people have jumped to false conclusions:

  • The crowd in Jerusalem had previously assumed that Jesus was a troublemaker;
  • the readers of 1 Peter perhaps felt alone in meaningless suffering;
  • the disciples on the road assumed that their time with Jesus was over.

All these thoughts were overturned by the reality of the resurrection. This is the greatest story we can tell, and one which will change lives: who might we share this story with?

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