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Related Bible reading(s): Luke 3.7-18

Prepare your session

Tips on preparing this week's sessions for children and young people

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Prepare your children's session

Childrens Session

Read Bible notes on Luke 3.7-18

We may feel ‘off the hook’ when we read about John challenging the religious authorities. Yet, here he is, talking to people like us. How easy do you find it to allow your faith to influence your everyday life?

As you share the passage with the group, help them to see that, 'What should we do?' is a question all of us can ask ourselves, as we aim for our faith to influence our choices.


Prepare your very young children's session

Very young children's Session

Provide the following play materials for very young children throughout the session: play food, dolls’ clothes and dolls/teddies.


Prepare your young people's session

Young people Session

Read Bible notes on Luke 3.7-18

What is it that you value most? It might be a thing, or something less tangible such as your proximity to a park, good friends or your job. How would you react if following God’s call to serve others meant having to give up these things?

John had different advice for tax collectors, soldiers, and other people. The challenge to each was to be more like good news for other people as they went about their everyday lives. What specific advice might John have given to the young people of this generation? What advice could you share?

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