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Related Bible reading(s): John 3.14-21


Activities marked with an asterisk  next to the activity title are in addition to the resources in the Ready-to-go sessions. Suggested timings for these activities are also shown. NB The inclusion of additional activities varies from week to week.




Childrens Session
Very young childrens Session

 Gathering song

Sing to the tune: Our God is a great big God

God gives me a brand new start,
God gives me a brand new start,
God gives me a brand new start,
it’s a chance to make my mark.

Childrens Session


What will last for ever?            W E S

  • Ask the children to tell you about a special building that is very old. Do they think it will last for ever? Talk about the way that things on earth don’t last for ever, but God’s love for us does. 


 Beanbag toss       10 minsE 

You will need: balls or beanbags, basket or bucket.

  • Ask everyone to take turns at throwing a ball or beanbag into a basket or bucket – but they must be looking in the opposite direction. Now invite them to do it again, this time looking at where they are aiming.
  • Ask: Which was easier? Talk about the importance of seeing things clearly.



Young people Session

Admiration game   5 minsE

  • Think of 10 contrasting pairs of famous people. Ask the young people to run to the left or right of the room, to choose between one or the other, depending which of the two they most trust or look up to. Include politicians, musicians, footballers, teachers, local celebrities, etc.
  • Encourage the young people to share why they picked those particular people. Ask: What qualities do they have that you admire?


First impressions

You could also use the image and following questions to help
introduce the theme.

Click on image to view larger version or use the Jump menu to go to This week's images.

  • How does looking up at the light through the trees make you feel?
  • How might ‘the light’ speak to us of something eternal?
  • How can we show that we live in the light rather than the darkness?


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