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Numbers 21.4-9; Psalm 107.1-3,17-22; Ephesians 2.1-10; John 3.14-21

Very young children's session

Nicodemus was a Jewish leader who was a Pharisee. Jesus speaks to him of being sent because of God’s love, to offer eternal life to the world. He uses the image of light and darkness to explain the concept of judgement. Those who do wrong things avoid the light, because it reveals what they are doing, but those who do what is good and true are attracted to the light.   

This week we explore trusting in something eternal.

Very young childrens Session

 Gathering song

Sing to the tune: Our God is a great big God

God gives me a brand new start,
God gives me a brand new start,
God gives me a brand new start,
it’s a chance to make my mark.

Share the Word
Very young childrens Session

In a story bag place a small globe, a heart shape, a small cross and a torch.

God loved the world so much. (take out the globe)
So much that he sent Jesus his only Son, (take out the heart)
so that everyone who believes in Jesus will live with God for ever. (take out the cross)
Light has come into the world, (take out the torch)
and we can trust in God’s promise for ever. (turn on the torch

Explore and respond
Very young childrens Session

Light basket

Play and wonder about Jesus the light

Create a treasure basket with torches, battery-operated tealights, shiny fabric, mirrors and reflective foil. Encourage the children to explore the objects, reminding them that Jesus is the light of the world.


Make a light catcher

Create a reminder to trust in Jesus

Cut out circles of coloured paper and invite the children to use paint brushes to paint them with vegetable oil. Allow the oil to dry and fix the catchers to a window to let the light shine through.


Beanbag toss       10 minsE 

You will need: balls or beanbags, basket or bucket.

  • Ask everyone to take turns at throwing a ball or beanbag into a basket or bucket – but they must be looking in the opposite direction. Now invite them to do it again, this time looking at where they are aiming.
  • Ask: Which was easier? Talk about the importance of seeing things clearly.
Very young childrens Session
Very young childrens Session

0-5s song(s)

We are marching in the light of God  

Pray with light

Hold a large piece of shiny material between two leaders.
Ask the children to lie underneath the canopy as the leaders gently wave it above them.
Shine a light through the material and, as you do, pray:

you are the light of the world.
May we always trust in you.

Very young childrens Session
Childrens Session

Activity sheet

Go with God
Very young childrens Session


To the tune: Twinkle, twinkle, little star

Farewell friends, as we depart,
keep these stories in our hearts.
Through these days of Lent we know,
that our faith in God may grow.
Through temptations in our days,
be like Jesus through our ways.

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