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ROOTS response to Covid-19 pandemic

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Related Bible reading(s): Acts 2.1-21
Spiritual styles abbreviations and further information

Warm up            5 mins E

Choose a volunteer and ask them to fall backwards, having instructed three different people to catch them. Who did they trust the most? To ‘fall’, you need to have confidence that your partner will catch you. What helps our confidence to increase?

Picture this            10 mins WE

Invite two people to sketch the scene on a flip chart or large sheet of paper while someone slowly reads Acts 2.1-21. Compare the pictures. What different features have been picked out? Does it matter what it looks like? What is more important?

Questions to discuss

  • How were the disciples feeling at the start?
  • How did the arrival of the Holy Spirit change things?
  • When have you noticed the Holy Spirit inspire confidence in someone?

Experiencing God            15 mins W

It is impossible to put into words exactly what God is, but accounts of people who have had near-death experiences contain similar descriptions of God as life, light and love. Select some quotations to start a discussion about how people experience God.

Ignite!            10 mins WA

Put kindling, twists of newspaper and firelighters on the floor. Ask the young people what’s missing. Matches! The Holy Spirit is like a spark that ignites us. Discuss what new adventures the Holy Spirit might give us the courage and energy to embark on.

Preview songs on YouTube, buy online and download.

Spirit Fall, Chris Tomlin on Passion: Here For You

Sinking Deep, Hillsong Young & Free on This Is Living

Who You Say I Am, Hillsong Worship on There Is More 

Pentecost vlog            15 mins+ E

Invite the young people to produce a video blog about the coming of the Holy Spirit in Acts. They all pretend to be someone in the story, e.g. Peter, another disciple, a member of the crowd. Record interviews with people about the events they witnessed on a mobile phone, and have fun watching it, before deleting.

Sensory stations            15 mins ES

Create stations for each of the five senses. Lay out on separate tables: incense to smell, a holding cross to feel, bread and red grape juice to taste, a song on a phone/iPod, e.g. ‘Who You Say I Am’ by Hillsong Worship (see Listen) and headphones to listen, a painting (see image below) to look at. Invite the young people to spend a few minutes at each station. Which one helped them to feel closer to God?

  • What do you think this person is experiencing?
  • When have you ‘abandoned’ yourself totally to God?
  • What were/are the practical consequences of doing so?

Waiting on God            5 mins ES

Burn some incense and play a reflective song, e.g. Chris Tomlin’s ‘Spirit Fall’ (see Listen). Encourage the young people to be still, listen and wait for the Holy Spirit. Alternatively, they could use play dough to mould and meditate with.

Prayer triplets            10 mins S

Divide the group into threes and invite the young people to share with each other what it is they lack confidence in. Encourage them to pray for each person in turn, asking that the Holy Spirit gives them the confidence they need.


Through your words or actions, help someone else to grow in confidence this week.

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