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ROOTS response to Covid-19 pandemic

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Acts 2.1-21; Psalm 104.24-34,35b; Romans 8.14-17; John 14.8-17,(25-27)


Bringing people to community

Adult & All Age

A gathering prayer

God of energy and purpose

God of energy and purpose,
as lava erupts from a volcano,
so may your Spirit erupt today;
as water thunders down a waterfall,
so may your Spirit thunder today;
as a downpour refreshes a tired garden,
so may your Spirit refresh us today –
that, gathered together with confidence,
we may celebrate this special day.

All-age introduction

A way to begin worship when all ages are present.

Taste the difference!

You will need: milkshake syrup, milk, a clear glass, a whisk, some paper straws.

Ask: Who inspires you or gives you confidence? Do we surround ourselves with positive influences? (It may be helpful to have some images of influential people, past and present, to use as a prompt.) Share examples of how the experiences of others, and the faith that they put in us, builds our confidence. How can we continue to be inspired in our daily lives particularly when we are on our own? The Holy Spirit can be a part of our lives if we allow him to ‘stir us up’. Pour some milkshake syrup into the glass – say that this represents the Holy Spirit. Slowly add some milk – this represents our lives. But there will be no taste to the milkshake until it is whisked up together (whisk it up). Once the Holy Spirit is a permanent presence in our lives, we can be confident in his closeness. Give out straws and say: Let’s taste and see that the milkshake is good!

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Children & Young People

A gathering prayer for children

The disciples gathered together

The disciples gathered together.
The Holy Spirit came
with tongues of fire.
People were amazed.
We gather here together.
Come, Holy Spirit, come.
Amaze us today.

Waiting for the Spirit

A quiet way to begin your session.

Place either a wooden carving or a picture of praying hands on a low table.

Explain to the children that in today’s story, the disciples are all together in one room, waiting for ‘the helper’ that Jesus promised to send them after he died. Encourage them to close their eyes, sit in silence and wait. After a suitable length of time, read the Bible story.

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Come, Holy Spirit

An active way to begin your session. 

The Holy Spirit, or God’s Spirit, is often represented in the Bible as wind (like a whirlwind), fire or a dove.

Devise actions for each symbol, then invite the children to walk around the space. When you call out a symbol, they do the appropriate action. Finish with the ‘dove’ action and get the children to ‘land’ in a circle around you.

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