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Daniel 7.9-10,13-14; Psalm 93; Revelation 1.4b-8; John 18.33-37


Bringing people to community

Adult & All Age

A gathering prayer

Loving God, in your son Jesus

Loving God, in your son Jesus
you show us the reality of power and the truth of love.
May we never confuse dominance and kingship,
never accept authority but refuse responsibility,
but may we work together
with vision, compassion and integrity.
that your kingdom may come on earth as it is in heaven.

All-age introduction: King of kings

A way to begin worship when all ages are present.

Prepare two large signs, one saying ‘Heaven’ and the other ‘Earth’.

Gather together some props that reflect the rule of earthly monarchs and/or Jesus’ kingship – for example: a crown, a sceptre, a cloak, sandals, a book of wisdom, a sheep, a lion, a donkey, a horse, a sword, two pieces of wood, a bowl of water, white gloves.

Place two chairs at the front of the worship space, and place each sign on a chair. Put the props where they can easily be seen.

Explain that today we are thinking about what makes a good king, and the difference between Jesus’ heavenly kingship and that of kings or queens on earth. Invite volunteers, one at a time, to choose an item from the props and to decide which throne it should be placed on – Heaven or Earth. Ask everyone: Is that right?

There are no right or wrong answers, so encourage different opinions and discussions. What difference can Christ’s heavenly rule make in our world?

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Children & Young People

A gathering prayer for children

Questions, questions, questions

Questions, questions, questions.
We come to ask you questions, God.
We hope you do not mind!

Solve it!

A quiet way to begin your session.

Challenge the children to solve this riddle.

You’re driving a bus. At the first stop, two people get on; at the next stop, five people get on and one gets off; then four people get off and three get on; at the final stop, seven people get on and five get off. Now ask: Who’s driving the bus? Most will have added up the people but won’t remember who’s driving!

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True or false?

An active way to begin your session. 

Place two hoops on the floor, or mark out two large circles, and label them TRUE and FALSE.

Ask the children some questions to which the answer is either true or false. Once everyone has decided, they stand in the appropriate circle. Today we learn the truth about Jesus’ kingship.


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