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Related Bible reading(s): Genesis 18.1-10a

Drama: Abraham's visitors

Alternative narration of the story (for children)

Cast: Narrator; Abraham; 1st, 2nd and 3rd visitors; 1st, 2nd and 3rd servants; 

Narrator One day Abraham was sitting by his tent. Suddenly he looked up and saw three visitors standing there. He ran to meet them.

Abraham Hello! Please don't go any further, stay here for a bit. I will go and find something for you to eat.

1st visitor (bowing) Thank you.

2nd visitor (bowing) That would be very nice.

3rd visitor (bowing) Yes, we are tired after our journey.

Narrator Abraham hurried back to the tent, and spoke to Sarah, his wife.

Abraham Please make some cakes quickly and please make sure they are the best you can make!

Narrator Then Abraham hurried to find something else to eat. He asked the servants:

Abraham Please will you cook something really tasty for our visitors?

1st servant Of course.

2nd servant We will cook some meat.

3rd servant We will do it quickly.

Narrator The servants cooked the meat, and Sarah made the cakes. They brought the food out to the visitors, who sat and ate. Then one of the visitors asked:

1st visitor Where is your wife Sarah?

Abraham She is in the tent.

2nd visitor Soon your wife Sarah will have a baby son.

Narrator And the Bible tells us that Sarah laughed when she heard this, because she was too old to have a baby!

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