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ROOTS response to Covid-19 pandemic

Subscribers - log in for worship-at-home resources. FREE resources for everyone - non-subscribers see the ROOTS at home panel on the home page.

How to register website users

Registering web users is a quick and simple process: simply follow the steps below.

Remember, only subscription administrators can register website users.


1. Log in

First of all, the subscription administrator will need to log in.

(If logging in for the FIRST time, use the 'Create your ROOTS web account' button at the top of the screen.) 


2. Go to My ROOTS

  • Once logged in, click the My ROOTS link at the top of the screen (see picture below).
  • Then select the Registered website users tab.


How many registered web users can you have?

As a rule of thumb, add 2 to the number of magazines that you receive. You also have a separate administrator account. For example:

  • a subscription for 3 magazines is entitled to register 5 web users (+ 1 administrator account)
  • a subscription for 5 magazines is entitled to register 7 web users (+ 1 administrator account).


3. Add the email addresses of your web users, and choose a password for them

  • Once on the Registered website users section, you'll be able to add the email addresses of your users.
  • Choose a password for them. If you have a lot of users to set up, you may find it easiest to give everyone the same password. (Your users can change their individual passwords once they've logged in.)
  • Click the Add new user button and you'll be taken through three short screens:



 NB If you subscribe to both sets of ROOTS resources, you can choose if someone has access to AAA, CYP or both.




4. Let your users know that you have set them up

  • Please then contact the users to let them know that you have set them up. You can do this by email, phone, or however you wish. 
  • Their username is their email address; please tell them the password that you have allocated to them. 
  • If you don't remember the password that you have set up for them, the user can just use the 'Forgotten your password?' link to reset their password.

Please note: your web users should simply enter their username and password where it says 'Login' on the homepage. They shouldn't use the 'Create your ROOTS web account' button.



If you're having trouble, we can help. Simply email us with the following information:

  1. your Customer ID (Subscriber Reference)
  2. the name and email address of each of your web users.

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