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13 - 19 June 2021
The growing adventure
Mark 4.26-34

In Mark’s Gospel, Jesus shares two parables about growth, patience and hope. As Jesus continues to draw crowds who gather to listen to his teaching, these parables speak about how this teaching is heard and received. The adventure of discipleship is how faith can grow from a small seed to a colossal plant with far-reaching branches, if the right environment is provided.

The natural world speaks to us of God’s presence and nature. Tuning in to our place in the realities and rhythms of nature can help us to reflect on our spiritual journey with God, as does allowing praise to well up within us and lamenting our failure to help God lovingly tend creation. It is good to reflect on ways to pick up this urgent task together and individually.

This week we explore the environment in which God’s kingdom values flourish.

Lectionary Bible readings for RCL Proper 6 Year B
Ezekiel 17.22-24; Psalm 92.1-4,12-15; 2 Corinthians 5.6-10(11-13)14-17; Mark 4.26-34

13 - 19 June is a showcase week
and is freely available to all.
Please let your friends, family
and colleagues know.

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