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Related Bible reading(s): Mark 1.14-20

Go with God

Activities marked with an asterisk next to the activity title are in addition to the resources in the Ready to go sessions. Suggested timings for these activities are also shown. NB The inclusion of additional activities varies from week to week.




Childrens Session
  • Place a piece of netting in the centre of the group. Give each child a piece of ribbon. Ask them, in their own time, to come and fix their ribbon to the net.
  • As they do so, ask everyone to think about what they would say to Jesus’ call of ‘Follow me’. Ask: Would you respond immediately, or would you need time to think about it?



Go with God 24/7

Encourage the children to put their faith into action

What could you do differently to show you are following Jesus? Decide on one thing and respond by making a change.


ROOTS at home resource

Before you finish, give out the ROOTS at home resource to encourage faith at home.


Childrens Session
Very young childrens Session


To the tune: This old man

As we go, we must show
all the ways God helps us grow.
We’ve a toolkit, stop and think, what would Jesus do?
He’ll always be guiding you!



Young people Session

Consider together what you have explored, what that means for each of you and how it might influence your daily lives.

 Play the track God Of justice, feat. Tim Hughes, Soul Survivor on We Must Go.

  • Ask the young people to stand in a line.
  • Allow a minute for the group to think about anything that might cause them to hesitate in following Jesus, e.g. fear or doubt.
  • Ask everyone to close their eyes, and if they want to respond to Jesus and follow him this week, invite the young people to take one step forward when they are ready.


Go with God 24/7

Think of something you can change, as a response to following Jesus: perhaps committing to reading the Bible or praying each day or showing kindness to friends.  


ROOTS at home resource

Before you finish, give out the ROOTS at home resource to encourage faith at home.


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