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Related Bible reading(s): Matthew 11.2-11

All-age introduction

A way to begin worship when all ages are present.

Keep looking

Display a selection of images of Christmas card scenes. Show the first image and allow people a brief moment to look at it without comment. Remove the image (or blank the screen), then ask a question about it – e.g. How many sheep were in the picture? It is hard to find the answer when you didn’t know the question beforehand! Congratulate anyone who got it right. Repeat this with a few more images (you could make the question harder each time). End with an image of Christmas shoppers; this time leave it on display and ask: Where is Jesus? How hard it must be for people who don’t know about the good news of the Christmas story even to know what they are looking for in response to the question. Today we will be thinking about ways we can share the good news with people who may be looking for hope and peace in their lives, and how we too can discover fresh God’s promise of ‘I am with you’.

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