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Related Bible reading(s): John 12.1-8

Present the Gospel: Whoever lives and believes in me will never die

John 12.1-8

A monologue

This monologue is a reflection, from Lazarus’ perspective, on the events leading up to those described in this week’s Gospel reading. It can be used to set the scene for the reading.

From Lazarus’ seat at the table

I never seem to get a word in. That’s what comes of having two sisters!

Even when I shuffled my way out of that tomb – and don’t get me started on how weird that was – after they had unbound those grave clothes, I never got a chance to speak out. All those people crowding round me, asking questions:

What had it felt like?

Did I see the face of God?

Did I know I was supposed to be dead?

And not much has changed since. I’ve become something of a celebrity – an object of interest. And plenty of folk keep coming by the house, wanting to touch me.

Today, Jesus is here again.

When I think about Jesus, I really am speechless. I have no idea how to express my feelings – even to him. But he knows that I know what he did. I sometimes wonder ‘Why me?’ He was a friend of the family, of course, but even so... I feel there must be something he needs me to do, with this ‘extra life’ he has given me. Inviting him to dinner seems hardly to scratch the surface of saying thank you.

Martha has prepared a lovely meal, giving her best energy and effort to make everything perfect for him. It’s what she does, who she is.

Mary is…well, Mary is the one more on a wavelength with Jesus. She gives herself wholly to listening to him, being attentive, being fed by his presence as well as his words. But I’m not sure what’s she doing today, because earlier I saw her take out the jar of nard. It has been in the family for decades, added to when we could afford it, to be used when we needed it.

Just the sight of the jar reminded me of those grave clothes, scented from that very jar. I know Jesus said that ‘whoever lives and believes in me will never die’, but I still think we should keep it safe for when our time comes. Mary’s got it with her now. She needs to be careful not to spill it – we’ll never get that smell out of the rug! I wonder what she’s going to do with it.

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