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Holy Week Holiday Club: Tuesday - A special present

Tuesday's story describes the woman pouring perfume over Jesus' feet


Jesus had lots of friends as well as the disciples. Today we hear about one of them, who will always be remembered because of her generosity.


Set out tables with paper, paint and things to print with, such as pieces of sponge or cut potatoes. Each child should print patterns on a piece of A3 paper. Coloured paper works best. When everyone has arrived and children are gathered for the story, put the papers aside to dry as they will be needed later.


Mark 14.3-8

This week we think about Jesus and the days before he died.

When Jesus and his friends arrived in Jerusalem, the streets were full of people, cheering him. But there were some people in the crowd who were angry with him because he told the truth. Sometimes being popular doesn't last long. Sometimes we have to choose between being popular and doing the right thing. Jesus had to choose too.

In Jerusalem he stayed overnight with some friends. While they were eating, a woman came in. She wanted to show Jesus how much she loved him. She had a bottle of expensive perfume that was her most precious possession. She had saved up for a long time to buy it. She broke the bottle and poured the perfume over Jesus. There was nothing left in the bottle.

Some of the people were very cross. It seemed such a waste. She could have sold it and used the money to buy food for poorer people. But Jesus wasn't cross. He told everyone that it is important to show people that you love them.


Show the children some of your possessions that are either valuable or precious. Valuable things cost a lot but precious things might not. They may be a photograph, a souvenir or a gift from someone we love. Ask the children about what is precious to them.


Gift bag. Use the printed paper from earlier. Fold along one long side, about 4 cm in from the edge. Wrap the paper around a thick book and stick the join with double-sided tape. Fold in the raw edge as though you were wrapping a parcel, with all joins on the end. Take out the book and you will have a gift bag. Use a hole punch to make holes in both sides of the top of the bag and thread through ribbon or cord to make handles. Bags can be further decorated with ribbons, glitter, and so on.

Make Easter cards – but ones about Jesus rather than Easter bunnies. Children can take them home for their families.

Use self-hardening clay to make pots like perfume jars. Make sure each child puts his or her name or initials on the bottom. They may need to leave them to dry and take them home later in the week.


Pass the parcel. Make sure every child gets a little present, perhaps a sticker. If you have lots of children you may need to have two or three circles of children going at once.

What's that smell? Keep the children in their circles. Play the music and pass along a lemon. When the music stops the child holding the lemon should cover their eyes and be given something to smell. Can they guess what it is. Try baby lotion, lemon, curry powder, onion, peppermint essence, chocolate, strawberry flavouring, coffee and so on. Try to ensure everyone has a turn.

Vote with your feet. Make sure there is nothing for the children to fall over or bump into. Tell them one end of the room is for nice smells and the other for nasty smells. Call out the names of smells and children should run to the end of the room to show what they think of that smell. They may not all think the same about some things.


Use music to help the children settle. If it is safe, light some scented candles (all the same) so that the perfume changes the atmosphere as it would have done in the story. Be still for a moment, enjoying the candles and aroma.


Dear Jesus,
help us to remember you when we have to make choices.
Help us to do what is right.
It is not always easy to think of you rather than ourselves.
Help us to be generous and share what we have.


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