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Related Bible reading(s): John 14.1-14

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Opening prayer

Lord Jesus,
when I feel alone and the road is long – be my companion;
when I feel on the outside of things and doors seem closed – grant me courage;
when I see others struggling – may I be a companion to them;
when I am tempted to keep others out – grant me your loving heart.

Make your way, my way,
and enable me to bless others as you have blessed me.


A way into thinking about the Gospel reading

Thomas is singled out in this Gospel as first despairing (‘Let us go and die with him’, 11.16), then uncertain (in today’s reading), then doubting because he hadn’t seen the risen Jesus (20.24).

Here, ‘the way’ that he is supposed to know (v.4) is the testing journey that lies ahead. It is going the way of the cross. It is remaining faithful when all are tempted to give up.

Thomas is not the only one not to understand, not to ‘see’ (v.7; cf. John 8.19) – even Peter has to ask the same question (13.36). But remember that Thomas is also the first to acclaim Jesus as ‘My Lord and my God’ (20.28), illustrating the move from doubt to faith, and from death to life, that we can all make.


PostScript - United in all things


This week's Live your faith sheet

(Bible notes, prayers, a picture and questions for reflection, a live your faith action)


Activity: Room review

In the Gospel passage, Jesus speaks of the ‘Father’s house’ with ‘many dwelling places’ and the ‘way to the place where I am going’.

Imagine this ‘house with many dwelling places’ as a modern hotel, a resting place for those on Christ’s way today. Individually or together in a group, write a review of a stay there as if for a website such as TripAdvisor™.


Activity: Fill the backpack

Draw the outline of a big backpack (click on the image on the right to see a bigger version or print off the template) and fill it, using drawings or words, with things that are needed on the Way of Christ.


A prayer for others

Lord Jesus, we pray for those who are troubled today,
those worried about money, those looking for work,
those who don’t feel safe.
May they find in you a way forward.

We pray for those whose journey of life is testing,
those who live in places of violence,
those who are a long way from family,
those whose health is fragile.
May they find in you a place to rest.

We pray for those who feel unwanted,
those who have left their countries,
those who live on city streets, those who are neglected.
May they find in you a welcome.

Lord Jesus, we pray for all places of need,
and all people in trouble.
As we make room for them in our prayers,
may we make room for them in our lives. Amen.


A way into prayer

Say slowly, and out loud, Jesus’ words: ‘Set your troubled hearts at rest. Trust in God always; trust also in me' (John 14.1, NEB translation). Name things that are troubling you one by one, and after each one say again Jesus' words.


A meditative prayer

Prepare for us a place
where hearts can dwell in peace,
where souls can find their rest,
where bodies can heal their wounds.

Prepare for us a place
where longings are fulfilled,
where hunger is satisfied,
where thirst is quenched.

Prepare for us a place
where wrongs are set right,
where injustice finds an end,
where hatred finds no victim.

Prepare for us a place
where lands smell of Eden,
where rivers run free,
where fruit grows in plenty. 

Prepare for us
a home,
a paradise,
a kingdom.

Prepare for us a place
where God is:
the loving Creator,
the passionate Son,
the life-giving Spirit,
and lead us there.

Prepare in us a place
where love can grow,
where visions can flourish,
where hope can spring. 

Prepare in us a place
where truth is lived,
where justice matters,
where good triumphs.

Prepare in us a place
a home,
a paradise,
a seed of the kingdom.

Prepare in us a place
where God is:
the loving Creator,
the passionate Son,
the life-giving Spirit,
and lead us in your way.



Listen and sing

Steady, Blanca on Shattered
I will, Citizen way on 2.0
Confident, Steffany Gretzinger on Blackout

Traditional hymn(s): Love divine, all loves excelling


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