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Related Bible reading(s): Psalm 126

Using today's psalm

Psalm 126

These verses sound as though they recall real events, sung by real people in thanksgiving for something God has done for them.

So many of the psalms we sing were once community songs, sung in celebration of shared events, and this flags up a way for us to encounter the power and mercy of God just as they had done. It may not seem quite in the Lenten spirit of restraint, but as we approach Easter we are approaching the greatest thing God has done for us – and we should sing it out!

Singing together

How to use the psalms in worship.


Response line: The Lord has done great things for us.

The Lord        
2 index fingers point upwards.

has done       
Both hands fingers extended thumb uppermost; right hand makes ‘sawing’ motion across top of left.

great things  
Both hands thumbs up.

for us.           
Palm uppermost, make circle out from body and back.


Hymns and songs based on Psalm 126 include:

‘The Lord has done great things’ (MCW1, and a great worship song in PS1)

‘When the Lord brought us back’ (TS1)

‘When the Lord restored’ (MCW1)

‘The Lord restored us’ (PRA)

‘What marvels the Lord worked’ (NEH).

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