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Related Bible reading(s): John 14.8-17,(25-27)

Reflection: Names for the Holy Spirit

A prayer-meditation for young people

  • The Holy Spirit is given various names throughout the scriptures, which reveal different aspects of the character and role of the Spirit:

John 14.16 – Advocate, sometimes translated as Counsellor or Comforter
1 Peter 4.14 – Spirit of Glory
Romans 1.4 – Spirit of Holiness
Romans 8.15 – Spirit of Sonship
John 14.17 – Spirit of Truth
Isaiah 63.14 – The Spirit who gives rest
John 14.26 – The Spirit who teaches

  • Are there any others you can think of?
  • Looking at each name in turn, spend a few moments thinking about how the Holy Spirit plays that role in your life.
  • Which is your favourite name for the Holy Spirit?
  • Which role do you most want the Spirit to play in your life?
  • Are there other names that you could give the Spirit?
  • Give thanks to God for all the different ways the Holy Spirit works in your life and the life of the Church.
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