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#faithathome 19-25 June Kindness

Worship and learning for the whole Church – wherever you are

Resources for families with school-aged children to use at home



Welcome to #faith at home with ROOTS. We're delighted to be part of the Church of England's #faithathome initiative working with Oak National Online Academy.  


This week, the theme is KindnessWatch the assembly.


Prayers and prayer activities to use during the week. 


A prayer at the start of the day

For younger children

Everyone covers their eyes with their hands.

Forgive us, gentle God,

for all the times we do not see

the people around us

who need our help and kindness.

Uncover eyes.

Help us to look carefully each day

to see who you would like us to bless.




Jesus, we want to follow you,

wherever you lead.

Help us, this week,

to see others through your eyes

of kindness, mercy, and compassion.

Give us hearts that care

and help us to be good neighbours

to those around us.




Rainbow prayers

Draw a rainbow outline and colour in an arc after every line.


Lord Jesus,

thank you for all the colours of life:

the red of love,

blue of kindness,

pink of friendship,

purple of laughter,

orange of generosity,

green of truthfulness,

and yellow of faith.

Thank you for all those whose lives are like rainbows,

drawing us closer to you.



Prayers for our neighbours

Spend a moment thinking about your neighbours. What do you know about their hopes, their needs, their anxieties? Is there a small kindness you could do for them today? Pray for them by name.


A prayer asking for forgiveness

Lord, we are sorry

when we speak unkind words,

and when we do unkind things.

Forgive us,

and help us to grow in faith,

kindness and love.



Postcard prayers

Decorate one side of a postcard-sized card. On the other side write the names of people you want to pray for. Keep the card visible this week, and pray every day:


Caring God,

in prayer we are like Jesus,

stamped with your image

of compassion and kindness.

We entrust those we have named

on our cards to your love.

In Jesus’ name.




A prayer at the end of the day

We thank you, Lord Jesus,

that you go to uncomfortable places,

to ‘in between’ places,

and you remember those whom we’ve forgotten.

You heal and you bless,

you help people feel they belong again.

Thank you, Lord, for all your kindness.





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