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Adult & All Age resources

Enriching adult, family and all-age worship and learning

For every single week of the year, ROOTS Adult & All Age offers you ideas, inspiration and practical
resources to enrich your worship – and to help you encourage people in their faith all through the week.

How will ROOTS help you lead worship?

  • Each week, the ROOTS Adult & All Age resources focus on one of the readings in the Revised Common Lectionary. For weeks when the Church of England’s Common Worship Lectionary differs, we provide materials online. Find out more on our Lectionary page.

  • The focus reading is shared by ROOTS Children & Youth resources, so everyone can explore the same passage at the same time.

As well as the weekly resources, we offer you a wide range of seasonal materials – helping you to celebrate the full richness of the church year. Find out more about celebrating church seasons.


Supporting you – week in, week out

We offer you a rich variety of resources to help you explore the reading and relate it to everyday life. As you might expect, these resources include:

  • Bible notes
  • sermon ideas
  • prayers
  • and suggestions for hymns and songs.

But the Adult & All Age resources also include:

  • engaging ideas for presenting and exploring the reading – using interaction, participation, props and drama – in order to appeal to a wide range of ages and preferences
  • a mini-story version of the reading with action – ideal for toddlers,  e.g. in a crèche
  • ways to continue exploring the Bible reading through discussion, reflection or activity
  • ideas for using the day’s psalm, and how you can link it in to the passage
  • PostScript: a reflection on the week’s news together with a prayer and discussion questions, posted online each Thursday
  • suggestions to help people put faith into action during the week.

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Available in print and online

Our Adult & All Age magazine provides you with a rich range of resources. If you prefer, you can browse all of these materials online. In addition, subscribers also gain online access to a wealth of other weekly materials - such as links to audio and video clips, downloadable templates and drama scripts. 

See the full range of subscription packages - including print and online options


Not just for Sunday – but all week long, too

Many of the resources can be used throughout the week as well as on Sunday – enabling ROOTS to support you all week long. Here are just three examples of how ROOTS can help you to do this.

  • Bible notes - use them with a study group, or email them to others for their personal study or reflection
  • Prayers - use them in prayer meetings, in care homes or with the housebound; print them on a newssheet or even email them?
  • Active worship - ideas can be used in midweek groups and in fresh expressions such as cafe church.

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