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Try the ROOTS resources FREE in September 2020

Worship and learning resources for the whole Church - for the whole of September


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What are ROOTS resources?


Helping churches plan worship, lead groups - and nurture adults, children and young people in faith

  • Brand new, up-to-date materials, helping congregations and groups to explore the Bible in depth every week

  • Seasonal resources, echoing the rhythm of the church year

  • A rich online resource bank - covering 18 years' worth of material - that you can search by Bible reference, lectionary week, or keyword.

You can choose from two sets of resources: Adult & All Age, Children & Young People - or use both! Discover more


FREE access to ROOTS resources: September 2020

Since lockdown began, we've been offering all church communities free access to a small selection of our weekly resources.

We've been so encouraged to hear how these materials have helped to sustain and nurture people in their faith, through these difficult times.

Now we're delighted to offer you free access to the whole of the ROOTS website during September 2020.


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  • All the online materials relevant to your role: Adult & All Age, Children & Young People - or both!

  • A huge range of flexible resources for every week of September 
    (this sample week will give you a feel for how much we offer)

  • Tips and advice from the ROOTS team on how you could make the most of each week's materials 

  • Full access to the Seasons & festivals area of our website, including materials to celebrate Harvest and Creation Time.




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For September, this access is completely free. We won't ask you for any payment information.

Not sure which resources to choose? Read more about Adult & All Age and Children & Young People.


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