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One whole week - free

ROOTS offers resources for every single week of the year. Here's a free week for you to try!


What's in the sample week?

  • All our brand new resources for Mark 1.14-20, which explore responding without hesitation to Jesus.
  • These resources are published for the week 24-30 January 2021.
  • This free sample includes all resources across both ROOTS publications: Adult & All Age and Children & Youth.

PLUS These free materials also include detailed guidance on using the resources online and in socially-distanced contexts.
For our subscribers, we currently offer this level of guidance every week.

View guidance: using the 24-30 January resources online and in socially-distanced contexts


How do I get the sample week?


Just click the View free week button below.

You'll go to the Week by week page - your online gateway to all the week's resources.

  Choose from ready-to-go resources...
Each week we offer an outline act of worship for all ages, plus complete sessions for children, young people and very young children.

...or build your own service/session plan
With inspiring ideas from start to finish.


Plus: try NEW Faith 24/7 resources
Including ROOTS at home - a weekly resource to share with households.



View the week's magazine pages

A selection of the week's resources are also printed in magazines (for UK subscribers only). Click the centre of each image to view them at full size.

Use these resources - in person or online - for...

Adult and family services School assemblies Café church
Children's and youth groups Toddler groups Prayer meetings
Bible studies Messy Church Home groups...

 ...and anywhere else you worship and learn from the Bible.

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