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Towards a new normal

Advice and tips to make the most of ROOTS as we re-gather together, and continue online provision

As restrictions gradually ease in most places, it’s been possible to meet again in church buildings, and even have a choir singing to enhance our worship. However, not all churches are open for all types of gathering and many will continue to offer a mix of gathered groups in churches and other buildings, and make online provision.


How ROOTS can help you during September and October 2020


     Gathered groups meeting in church or elsewhere

While there are strict instructions about how to manage people meeting together, many things remain the same and having the confidence to do these well is very important. Much of what you would normally do in leading a gathered group or an act of worship is still possible and can be just as effective, even with limitations. On the regular pages for each week, we’ve annotated many of the resources with orange text, to give advice on how the suggestion or activity can be managed safely with appropriate distancing, preparation of kit for individuals/household groups, etc. So you might see something like this at the end of the instructions:

Gathered groups: prepare kit for individuals/household groups 72 hrs in advance.
Gathered groups: the leader could demonstrate this.


We’ve also put together some general hints and tips about managing gathered congregations and groups.


     Online services and groups

We’ve also prepared some advice on how you can make the most of the resources in online worship and learning. Your congregation/group doesn’t have to be passive – they can still take part in activities and interact with you, and with each other. With preparation, and possibly sending out information in advance, you can generate a real sense of engagement and encourage a response.

You can download a pdf giving tips and advice for adapting the materials week by week to use online. You’ll need to read it alongside the September/October resources:

Using Adult & All Age resources online  

Using Children & Young People resources online
Pages 1-4 give tips on the children's materials; pages 5-6 give tips on the resources for young people


There’s also a pdf of general advice about running online services and groups.


Resources to use at home

As there’s so much happening now online and face to face (mask to mask!), we’ve put the ‘at home’ resources on one page for you each week. You’re still welcome to give out the url, changing the date for each week, e.g.

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