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All-age resources

All-age worship can offer many joys - but also some challenges. If you lead all-age worship or family services, here are some of the questions you might find yourself asking.

  • 'Is it possible to engage all ages - young and old - when they're all together?'
  • 'How can I include very young children in worship?'
  • 'How can I support families in their discipleship during the week?'

Whether you hold all-age or family services every week, every month or as an occasional event, ROOTS Adult & All Age can support you in planning and leading worship when everyone is together.


'Is it possible to engage all ages - young and old - when they're all together?'

Absolutely, yes! We offer materials for every part of your service:

  • Gather materials to help you engage everyone from the very moment they arrive - to get them thinking, at their own level, about the ideas they'll be exploring during worship
  • Lots of engaging ways to present the readings - for example, through a short drama or looking at a video clip
  • A mini Bible story and play-based activity to introduce the reading to very young children
  • Sermon ideas
  • Ideas for an informal talk that helps to guide all ages through the reading
  • Active worship materials - designed to engage different ages, spiritual and learning preferences
  • Hymns and songs that are specifically recommended for all-age contexts
  • Prayers written in language that everyone can understand.

With such a wealth of resources for each part of your service, we can help you to plan and prepare all-age and family services that genuinely engage everyone - whatever their age. 

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'How can I include very young children in worship?'

Victoria Goodman, early years practitioner and author of our material for very young children, says:

'Infants and toddlers absorb the atmosphere of worship and the fellowship that accompanies it in the same way as they learn from other early experiences, being part of a family, visiting friends and so on. Although we, the adults who observe them, do not at this stage receive appreciable feedback on their learning from these experiences at this stage, it is happening nonetheless.'

For every single week, Victoria produces materials that you can use to engage the very youngest children in your community, looking at exactly the same Bible passage as everyone else.

On our website, we offer a whole page of ideas to use with very young children - including:

  • Storytelling
  • play-based activities and craft, linked to the Bible story
  • song ideas
  • prayer activities.

These resources are available online to all our subscribers - and a selection from each week is also printed in the Children & Young People magazine.


View sample material for Very Young Children


'How can I support families in their discipleship during the week?'

  • Our weekly Children's Sheets include a Family time section to encourage conversations and activities at home. See an example

  • Families with teenagers can use PostScript, which is published on the ROOTS website by Thursday each week. PostScript offers comment on the week's news headlines, linked to the following Sunday's Bible passage. Discussion questions for both young people and adults help families look together at the week's big issues - and see how the Gospel speaks into today's world. See the latest PostScript on our homepage

  • You can also share weekly suggestions to help everyone live your faith throughout the week. There are separate 'live your faith' suggestions for children, young people and adults - and, as they're all linked to the same Bible passage, everyone can grow in faith as a community. Why not email the suggestions, post them on your website/social media pages, or print them on your weekly news sheet?

    For adults, we now offer a Live your faith sheet on our website, that you can email or hand out at the end of your service. See an example


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