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Engaging ideas to explore the Bible

ROOTS resources engage people of all ages and stages in exploring the Bible - and help them connect faith to everyday life.

Covid-19 update: ROOTS resources have always been highly adaptable, making it possible for churches to use them in many different ways. Now, as church communities explore new and changing ways of gathering, we'll be offering inspiring and practical ideas for both socially-distanced and online gatherings.

Whatever your 'new normal' looks like, we'll help you to make the most of our flexible resources.


Connecting faith to everyday life, through...


  • A range of sermon ideas every week
  • Look out for - these ideas are particularly valuable for connecting faith to everyday life
  • Every Thursday, we publish PostScript - which includes reflection, sermon ideas and comment on the week's news events and/or current global issues.

See one week's sermon ideas




  • All-age conversation (in AAA resources) helps leaders invite people to share their own perspectives, and talk through how the reading relates to their lives. Ideal for adults only, or a mixed-age gathering.
    See an example

  • Talk together questions (in CYP resources) spark discussion and link the reading to children's own experiences.
    See an example

  • As well as weekly Questions to discuss directly linked to the passage, the hands-on activities in the Young People materials are often designed to prompt conversations.
    See a sample week



Active worship

Engage different ages, learning preferences and spiritual styles. Incorporating a mix of activities into your service or your children's / young people's session will help you engage everyone. The selection varies each week - here's a flavour of what you might find:
  • pair or group conversation
  • displaying pictures or playing music as a stimulus
  • tactile activities (e.g. moulding a figure, cutting out newspaper articles, colouring)
  • craft
  • games / team challenges
  • practical action to help others.

See examples:

Adult & All Age resources

Children & Young People resources




Invite children, young people and adults to reflect on the passage, by: 
  • reading out words to prompt reflection
  • setting up simple reflection/prayer stations around your worship or meeting space
  • playing evocative music
  • using the reflective 'way into prayer' which regularly features in the Adult & All Age resources.

Every week we offer picture pointers: a striking image plus reflection questions that you can print, project or share by email. 



Active prayer 

A diverse range of prayer activities enables everyone - young and old - to respond to the Scriptures and encounter God.

Read more about our prayer material



Very young children

To nurture our tiniest disciples in exploring the Bible passage, the Very young children resources offer a mix of craft, music and movement, and prayer activities.

See one week's examples


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