A prayer of approach

Thank you, Lord,
that you do not call us to anything
without also giving us the resources to cope.
You do not ask us to go anywhere you haven’t been.
You call us to take up our cross,
and we come to you with fear and trembling,
but knowing that ultimately your way is the best.
Be with us, Lord, and help us to understand.

A prayer of confession

Lord, I acknowledge before you
that often I can be like Peter:
hearing your word but going off on my own track,
not wanting to see your path, especially if it looks rough.
Forgive me, Lord,
and set me on your path.

Lord, I acknowledge before you
that there are times when I want the world,
but don’t give much thought to my soul.
Forgive me, Lord,
and help me to take up my cross.

Lord, I acknowledge before you
that there are times when
I am a stumbling block to others – and to myself;
times when I look for complications
instead of just following you.
Forgive me, Lord,
And help me to follow you. Amen.

A prayer of adoration

Lord God, you invite us to come in and share your story.
We stand amazed in your presence, Lord.
We wait on you, lost in wonder
that the Son of Man is going to come
in his Father’s glory, with his angels.
And you want us, too.
We adore you, Lord above all.