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All ROOTS subscribers receive access to our website, which provides a range of additional material to complement the magazines, and an archive of material published since 2002.


Every ROOTS subscription includes unlimited access to our website, which provides a wealth of additional material.

The exact range of materials that you will be offered online will depend on your subscription type: Adult & All Age subscribers will see certain resources, Children & Young People subscribers others, and those with a combined subscription entitles you to access everything.

View a sample 'Week by week' page to see typical resources available to combined subscribers

For Adult & All Age you will find:

  • additional prayers
  • drama sketches for all ages exploring some of the core themes
  • a downloadable Children's Sheet with activities for during or after the service
  • a downloadable Bible study suitable for mid week groups or individual study
  • selections from the magazine material that you can print out or adapt further
  • links to archive content from past years in the ROOTS Resources library
  • PostScript, ROOTS' exclusive topical resource linking the readings with current events.

For Children & Young People:

  • a Children's Sheet with activities to do during or after the session
  • a short story exploring the week's themes
  • templates for featured craft activities
  • additional prayers
  • selected texts from the magazine material to print out or adapt
  • links to archive content from past years in the ROOTS Resources library


PostScript is an exclusive topical resource that helps you link the readings to current events, providing questions for reflection, a prayer and other ideas. PostScript is most suitable for use with adults and young people. (PostScript is also available via the ROOTS home page and Twitter (@ROOTS4Churches))

ROOTS Resources library

ROOTS was established in 2002 and subscribers can search through the huge bank of archive material online. Each week, links are also provided on the 'Week by week' page to help you jump quickly to related material from previous years.

View a sample 'Week by week' page to see what's available on the website.

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