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What do you get when you subscribe to ROOTS?

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Fresh inspiration all year round!

The ROOTS magazines are published six times a year. Each issue covers two months of lectionary readings. Subscriptions last for one year and you can start your subscription with any issue. We will remind you to renew well ahead of time.

Free access to the ROOTS website

Your subscription includes access to a huge library of materials online at ROOTSontheweb.com including additional supporting materials, inspiration for celebrating seasons and festivals, a huge archive of ROOTS resources from the past nine years, and PostScript, a weekly topical resource that helps you link the week's readings to current events.

Free advance delivery

Subscription prices include postage. Your magazines will be delivered to you two months in advance of the dated materials, giving you plenty of time for planning and preparation.


1 year subscription (six issues)

ROOTS Adult & All Age magazine 

UK: £38.00 

Europe: £45.00

Rest of World: £47.75 

ROOTS Children & Young People magazine 

UK: £47.00 

Europe: £57.50

Rest of World: £60.55

Both ROOTS magazines (six issues of each) 

UK: £77.00 

Europe: £92.50

Rest of World: £97.75


Discount for multiple copies

Subscribe to five or more copies per issue of the ROOTS resources (any combination of magazines), to avail of a discount:

ROOTS Adult & All Age magazine

UK: £34.50

Europe: £40.50

Rest of World: £43.25

ROOTS Children & Young People magazine

UK: £42.50 

Europe: £52.00

Rest of World: £54.50 

Buy a single issue

You can buy a single issue of either magazine via the webshop, by phoning 0845 680 5317, or at many Christian bookshops.

Give a gift subscription

Gift subscriptions are available via the webshop, by phoning 0845 680 5317. Please remember to fill out the name and address of the recipient. If you are using the postal order form, you will need to attach the recipient's details on an additional sheet.

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Order online via our webshop or phone 0845 680 5317

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