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ROOTS Adult & All Age

Each issue of ROOTS Adult & All Age magazine provides two months' resources to support preparation for worship with adults and when all ages worship together.

How will ROOTS resource your weekly worship?

Each week ROOTS focuses on one of the four readings in the Revised Common Lectionary. This biblical focus is shared by the Children & Young People magazine so everyone explores together.


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Each week the Adult & All Age magazine provides:

  • notes on the lectionary Bible readings
  • gathering words and ideas for a focal point
  • a selection of prayers
  • starting points to aid sermon preparation
  • ideas for opening and exploring the Word with all ages together
  • ways to respond through discussion, reflection, or activity
  • suggestions for hymns and songs
  • sermon notes on another weekly reading for an alternative thread.

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Each issue the Adult & All Age magazine also includes:

All ROOTS subscribers also receive access to supporting material on the ROOTS website.

Each week our website features:

  • additional prayers
  • drama sketches for all ages exploring some of the core themes
  • a downloadable Children's Sheet with activities for during or after the service
  • a downloadable Bible study sheet suitable for mid week groups or individual study
  • selections from the magazine material that you can print out or adapt further
  • links to archive content from past years in the ROOTS Resources bank
  • PostScript, a topical resource to help you link the readings with current events. (PostScript is also available via the ROOTS home page and Twitter (@ROOTS4Churches))

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Celebrating seasons and festivals

In addition to the seasonal or festival material in the magazine, the huge ROOTS online library provides a further wide range of resources for celebrating the seasons of the Church year, festivals and other special Sundays, especially suitable for worshipping with all ages.

Planning ahead

To help you plan ahead, we publish a year planner with readings and themes for the lectionary year.


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